Promise Me

Print on Fine Art Paper

Promise Me is the last moment of euphoric love shared between two individuals in a unhealthy relationship. The extreme proximity between subjects is an ode to the countless promises shared between them that inform their certainty of infinite connectedness. The paradoxical doom of this union is hidden within the artist’s use of natural light. The vibrant hues of the rainbow are produced by splitting sunlight through a glass prism. This illumination encounters a heavy contrast in the image, separating the two subjects by a shroud of darkness. The warm, saturated tones make the promise of connectedness feel close, despite the irreconcilable distance that endures. In this union, the glorious promises that rest on the subject are beautiful and adored, yet never tangibly experienced. One subject is lost in a dark cloud of unachievable promises, while the other is caught in a moment of self-revelation as if to perform her last act of a beautiful tragedy.