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Print on Acrylic, Glass

Images of the homes where Breonna Taylor, Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., Amadou Diallo, Atatiana Jefferson, Fred Hampton, and Patrick Warren, were brutally murdered by police sourced from Google Earth are observed through a window of plexiglass to represent the dehumanizing practice of seeing without being seen. The observer, protected by an illusion of security, peeps into the subject's life until they are interrupted by the discovery of their own vulnerability to being surveilled. Seeping through the collage of homes are the remains of a previous work.


A portrait of a black man with rope bound around his eyes is digitally painted creating blood-splattered streaks of contrast across bricks while his body occupies the shadows found in the windows. The pervasive use of red echoes the traumatic sounds of gunfire that shatter the fourth wall interrupting the latent cord of rope with a mirror, perpetuating the cycle of observer becoming observed. This work draws near the reality that we are the history we're watching.

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