Photo by Serrandon

Mezu Ofoegbu 

An award-winning interdisciplinary artist, Mezu Ofoegbu was born in 1995 in Los Angeles, California, where he still lives and works. 
In his practice, he uses photography, video, and mixed media to show the connection between lived experiences and meaning-making.

In his captivating piece “Promise Me”, he depicts a Black couple, highlighting the essence of the final moment of togetherness that comes before separation. Promise Me is a digital micro-story juxtaposing the togetherness in young black love and the historic dismantling of the black family. This image was selected as a winner of the Black Art Rising Contest, hosted by LifeWTR awarded to artists calling for change through their work.


Additionally, his photographs and artistic direction appeared in YouTube’s partnership with Google Arts and Culture’s release of BLACK RENAISSANCE honoring Black creatives and political legends while highlighting new Black artists. He is completing his doctoral candidacy at Grand Canyon University where he is researching meaning-making and organizational change. Mezu continues to leverage his academic interests and creative passions to photograph the subject soul illuminating the depths of human experience.

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